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Sarah Poulgrain

As a part of my practice I participate in skill-sharing and DIY forms of knowledge. I learn how to do something, document the process, and facilitate other people learning the same skill. I’m interested in the potential for skill-sharing methodologies to form respectful relationships and create less-hierarchical spaces for learning.

I feel empowered and strong from the process of being able to build things myself. I also feel personally satisfied about the connections made with people during this process. When I think about what I want my continued art practice to look like, prioritising these processes allows me to make work both inside and outside institutional contexts.

Sarah Poulgrain has shown nationally and internationally at several ARIs (Outer Space, Boxcopy, Firstdraft, Metro Arts, Success, Visual Bulk, Bus Projects, The Soylent Spot, RM, Desire Lines) and co-founded Wreckers Artspace with Hailey Atkins and Anya Swan. In early 2019 Sarah received an Australia Council Individual Project Grant to develop new work and has continued work on long-term Brisbane based projects, including Wreckers Upstairs with Llewellyn Millhouse (2022). Sarah was a part of the Institute of Modern Art’s Making Art Work program, and has also facilitated the Institute of Modern Art’s First Thursday program in October last year with a chair building project, where four participants learnt how to weld a chair of their own design.