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Samuel Karmel

From my infant years I have had the privilege of having frequent holidays to Rosedale, South East coast of Australia. It’s a very special place for me. New years eve 2019 I was greeted with a msg advising immediate evacuation as the fire was heading towards Rosedale. After some general stress we headed for Batemans Bay evacuation centre. The severity of the situation became apparent as the sky turned completely black with a red hue.

Rosedale Fires mix contains all original material compiled from various musical jams I have had at the Rosedale house from 2000-2020. Plus input from Sam Miers and Daniel Oakman; two very important Batemans Bay renegades who have taught me a lot about the local area, from its incredible Aboriginal roots to local juicy gossip.

I’ve been lucky enough to share the family house with close friends who feature on these recordings. The field recordings are taken from recordings Sam Miers made in areas around Rosedale now regenerating after the fires, and snippets that I recorded in the evacuation centre as the fire approached us. I’m yet to return with all this covid biz but looking fwd, nature is the true boss.

  1. Night night Tilba Tilba – Sam Miers (forthcoming on Eurobodalla musical life review album), 2020
  2. The Cave – Sam & Santi, 2019
    There is an incredible cave near stinkies aka nuns beach, a day earlier me and Santi saw a whale swimming and playing just a few 100m away.
  3. Rosedale 7 excerpt – Katy Roberts, Rohan Rebiero, Trevelyan Clay, Brittany D’argaville, Tarquin Manek, Ying-Li Hooi, and Samuel Karmel 2019
    A lovely all in jam after a beautiful sunny winters day swim with some of my dearest.
  4. Fairview foundation cow – Sam Miers (forthcoming on Eurobodalla musical life review album), 2020
  5. Cliff walks and swims – Bram (Brittany D’argaville & Samuel Karmel), 2019
    A jam had on the dining table, after a very relaxed time, this was the first thing to happen.
  6. Tourism touches my heart – Batemans Bay (Sam Miers & Daniel Oakman) 2014
    The sample used and manipulated was recorded at Catalina with fireworks in the background on new years 2012. The street was vista avenue, it got nailed by the fires on new years 2020.
  7. My Way – Bum Creek (Trevelyan Clay, Tarquin Manek & Samuel Karmel), 2005
    The testosterone-fuelled power struggles jam from newly discovered recordings was from a session down the coast that wreaked with tension after our cars crashed into each other at the lights in Queanbeyan on the drive up from Canberra.
  8. Excerpt (walking away) – Silvia Saint (Trevelyan Clay, Tarquin Manek & Samuel Karmel), 2005
    Some silly dark play acting on the same trip (2ci).
  9. The bass is resonating – Resonant Bacon Collective (Luke Bicevskis, Scott Morrison, Simon Ross & Samuel Karmel), 2001/2002
    From a life-affirming friendship special trip with newly formed university mates, this song is a payout of my neighbour who came over and complained that the “Bass is resonating” from our jams. This was conceived shortly after as a punky fuck you to him as he returned to his house.
  10. Symphony between Gulaga and Wallaga – Sam Miers (forthcoming on Eurobodalla musical life review album), 2020
  11. Sea Eagle Eyes – Sam & Santi, 2019
  12. Loss of effect – Bram (Brittany D’argaville & Samuel Karmel), 2019
  13. Repairing fence – Tom Karmel, 2019
    Snippet of my dad talking about the burnt fences.
  14. Sleepy Carpet (excerpt) – Bram (Brittany D’argaville & Samuel Karmel), 2019
    Jam while falling asleep to movie.
  15. Child “the fire is close” – Samsung recording(Samuel Karmel)2019
    Recording taken in the evacuation centre as the fire came within a few 100 meters. the power shut down and the generator came on, the sky was pitch black, terrifying moment.
  16. Hologram arms – Bum Creek (Trevelyan Clay, Tarquin Manek & Samuel Karmel), 2005
  17. The whale part 2 – Sam & Santi, 2019
    A homage to the whale with ironically a slightly apocalyptic feel.
  18. Zombie Song – Resonant Bacon Collective (Luke Bicevskis, Scott Morrison, Simon Ross & Samuel Karmel), 2001/2002
    From memory, we had just watched Evil Dead.

Samuel Karmel is a Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer best known for his work as one half of “deep narcotised balearic” duo CS + Kreme (with Conrad Standish); dreamy electronic trio Fingers (with Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek); and indescribably strange noise act Bum Creek.