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Taneshia Atkinson

your first home was in water
a traversing matriarch
it spoke you into existence
and now it calls you back
inviting you into the full body
                           back to the womb

a sentient simulation
a binary affair
there is no placating
you are water
                           or you are not

a cognisant current
in resonance with your movements
rhythmic, reflection
cradled in vision
                            all water has a perfect memory

an element in languish without you
an inherent yearning
coercing you to withdraw your anchor
and submit to your ascension
                            can you feel the tide moving to sing you home?

silky smooth on skin
salt soft and scintillating
water dissolving your exterior
exposing your sanctum
                           we are sacred

wash your sorrow
wash your sick
slow dance at the mouth of the water
yield the unspoken language
                         how can anything be tepid when it’s all a wonder?

if wala could speak
she would say you are home now
a drowning and a revival
alluring you to the sky
only to fall again
                           returning you to the full body


Taneshia Atkinson is a proud Yorta Yorta and Bangerang woman born in Shepparton Victoria and was raised and is living on Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW. Taneshia is an emerging poet and published writer. Her writing has been featured in Broadsheet, Peppermint Magazine, Urban List, BuzzFeed and kindling & sage Magazine.