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Nicole Reilly
An engraver buzzes.
Water laps at oyster-covered rocks.
An Aunty sings up Country.
Layered paints on still (wriggling?) bodies.
Wrinkled hands paint
Intricate lines
A goanna. The sun.
There is singing and dancing and feet kicking up dirt.
There is such joy in documenting our ceremonies.

Right at the end,

You think it’s a painting.
The final shot, how could it be so still?
Her voice can still be heard.
Slowly, the paint fades.
Behind it, always,
Was a sandy shore.
Flat waters.
You can hear the waves lapping at the shore.
When did she stop speaking?


Nicole Reilly, proudly a queer, Wiradjuri woman, is the Artistic Director of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre. She is a creative producer, director, performer and teaching-artist who has produced over 40 works across theatre, film and touring live performance art. Currently she is on her journey home, remembering language and culture with her mob out on Country through Charles Sturt University.